Corporate and Executive Health

We offer an extensive list of corporate health services including:

  • Corporate health screening – A comprehensive appraisal of past, current and potential health issues along with recommendations for dealing with any identified problems through a comprehensive health evaluation report, blood analysis and medical assessment. Follow-up management and regular reappraisals are encouraged to ensure goals are met.
  • Pre and post deployment medicals for long or short term consignments – We access the most accurate and up to date advice on vaccination requirements, malaria prophylaxis and other global health issues. Pre-assignment medical assessments focus on both the employee’s physical competency to perform the job as well as their ability to manage ongoing health issues that could place them and their company at risk whilst deployed.
  • Post-assignment assessments, specific screening programs for children and annual medicals are advisable.
 Aim to identify prospective employees at an increased risk of injuring themselves, injuring others or exacerbating pre-existing conditions.
  • Injury Management-Travel Clinics Australia injury management begins at a preventative level- doctors work with employers to develop safety procedures aimed at preventing accidents. Injured workers are given priority treatment at clinics and most TCA clinics are affiliated and situated within a short distance of both private and public hospitals ensuring the highest level of service under our management. Some clinics are able to offer onsite rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
  • Return to work– We aim to reduce the impact of workplace injury on both the employee and the employer. We identify and document any work capacity and negotiate an early return to work, which may include identifying restricted or alternative duties, resulting in managing injuries while the injured worker is maintained at their place of employment.

We can help protect the health of your staff by:

  • Offering a ‘one-stop shop’ service to supply most traveller’s health needs during a consultation
  • Providing onsite staff training, education sessions and vaccinations if necessary
  • Issuing vaccine reminders and a staff vaccination report
  • On-site laboratory- full blood pathology, ECG, audiometry (hearing testing), spirometry (lung function testing) and urine analyses

Call us to discuss your requirements and we will tailor a plan and quote to suit your exact needs and discounts may apply for large groups. For more information on corporate health please contact our head office:

Phone: (+61 3) 9528 1222  Fax: (+61 3) 9532 9555
Post: 263 Glen Eira Rd,North Caulfield, VIC 3161AUSTRALIA

Medical Clinics interested in joining Travel Clinics Australia should contact Dr Jonathan Cohen at the head office.