According to the World Health Organisation, influenza is thought to cause serious illness to 3-5 million people and death to up to ½ million people worldwide.

  • Influenza is a virus that spreads easily between people through sneezing and coughing – especially in crowded areas. People can be contagious before they show symptoms of fever, malaise, aches and pains and a dry cough
  • The best preventative measure is to be vaccinated, ideally before winter sets in because the influenza virus tends to survive outside the body longer when the weather is cold and dry. In temperate regions world wide, the peak incidence of the ‘flu’, is winter. Tropical regions tend to have influenza outbreaks year round
  • Travel Clinics Australia readily vaccinates patients and travellers against this disease, with up to 90% protection in young adults
  • Sometimes travellers tend to focus on vaccination against exotic diseases, yet influenza, which can debilitate and lead to serious complications, even death, needs to be considered and discussed with your Travel Clinics Australia doctor

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