It is a good idea to take a medical kit when travelling. Many items and kits are available and should be discussed with your doctor prior to travel. Check with your travel clinic doctor if you require prescription medication.

Planning ahead and suggesting ‘what if’ scenarios may go a long way in preventing illness. Depending on the destination, medical supplies obtainable overseas may not have the same high standard of quality control as in Australia. There have been many anecdotal cases of medication substitution, use of unknown substances, inappropriate dosages and date expiry.

Kit contents include items to detect and treat fever, pain, cuts, scrapes and blisters. The more popular kits available fromTravel Clinics Australia clinics include the TCA E2 kit and TCA Corporate Kit. Clinics also stock a range of gastro and malarial medications, insect repellents, mosquito nets, clothing impregnation kits, malaria self detection kits and suture packs.

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