Travel Health Products

It is a good idea to take along a medical kit with you when you travel. Many medical supplies obtainable overseas do not have as high quality control as in Australia. The items listed below are not usually included in commercial first aid kits. Prescription items are only available by doctor’s prescription. All items plus a range of other travel health equipment (such as water purifiers, immersion heaters and thermometers) are available from The Travel Clinic.

Please Note: ALL quoted prices include GST.

GST is not applicable if items are supplied as part of a medical consultation.

E2 Medical First Aid Kit

This kit is specific to any traveller rather than just a collection of bulky dressings. Affordable, lightweight, water resistant and ideal as a present yet useful for just about any traveller. Includes emergency supplies of Panadol, Betadine liquid, bandaids, sterile dressings, steristrips, conforming bandage, micropore, forehead thermometer, alcohol wipes, forceps and stainless steel blade scissors.

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The Corporate Kit

This kit is exclusively designed for Travel Clinics Australia and contains absorbent dressings, antiseptic wipes, a crepe bandage, dental needle, disposable gloves, bandaids, fixomull dressing, forceps, forehead thermometer, gauze swabs, iodine solution and swabs, irrigation syringe, IV Cannula, micropore, a nylon suture, Panadol, scissors, sterile syringes and needles and steristrips. This kit comes in a stylish and durable bag that can attach to belt or be placed in the bottom of a backpack.

$77.00 RRP. ORDER NOW!!


Gastro Medications

These medications can only be supplied directly by a doctor.

Gastro medications (basic) – oral rehydration and anti diarrhoea medications.

For developing countries, we provide five Gastro medications (advanced) for self-treatment of diarrhoea and vomiting where medical help is not accessible.

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Gastrolyte Tablets (20)

Oral rehydration solution may make the difference between dehydration and a speedy recovery, especially for the young traveller. A must for any traveller.

$16.50 RRP. ORDER NOW!!


raveller’s Pocket Medical Guide and International Certificate of Vaccination

The popular and unique combination 2-in-1 pocket guide with certification in accordance with WHO regulations. Everything the traveller needs to know saves you time and the traveller gets a hand held record of their vaccinations and prescribed medicines. An ideal value added item for travel consultations.

$9.90 RRP. ORDER NOW!!


Permethrin Impregnation Kit

The Permethrin Impregnation kit contains permethrin, which is an insecticide suitable for use on clothing and mosquito nets. It kills mosquitoes and other insects and arthropods including ticks and fleas when they alight on impregnated material.

Active constituent 500g/L permethrin.

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$22.00 RRP. ORDER NOW!!


Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets impregnated with permethrin (see above) for maximum protection from mosquitoes and other insects.

Single – $55.00 RRP.
Double – $77.00 RRP. ORDER NOW!!


Water Purification Tablets

For the disinfection of water where the quality is uncertain.

$15.00 RRP. ORDER NOW!!


Earplanes – Adult/Children

Relieves in-flight ear discomfort with the exclusive CeramX filter that regulates air-pressure and reduces noise and pain naturally.

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